We are Czech manufacturer of brand awnings

Company BRAVE OUTDOOR s.r.o.
Residency: Rybná 716/ 24, 11000 PRAHA 1
Datová schránka: yektyc5
IČ: 065 44 231 
Městský soud v Praze, odd.C vložka 284027  

Share capital : 200 000,- Kč                  bank. č.ú.: 234746649/0600                             
Manufacturing : 517 21 Lípa nad Orlicí 148 
Tel: +420 775 635 653
Email: bravematic@seznam.cz

        The company was founded in October 2017 in Prague. In 2019, our own development, production and sale of outdoor products began, and the most sought-after products became self-supporting awnings. Innovative patented construction of aluminum self-supporting awning arms for easy installation on all vehicles, trailers, caravans, houses, cottages, entrances to halls, shops, restaurants, containers, fast food - stalls, etc. with remote control 12V, 24V or hand crank.

The basis was the idea from personal experience with articulated arms of awnings, where these arms are not vertically stable even in mild wind and with the threat of tearing out the placement of the arms, destruction of parts or the entire awning. From this bad experience, the development of more stable awnings began, even with regard to simple installation and without the use of anchoring the supports to the ground. At the same time, automatic retraction with electric drive was developed in winds above 60 km / h.

The development, including several dozen prototypes and models, including operational tests, lasted a full 12 months. Thorough wind tests have shown even greater resistance in winds of 80 km / h. without automatic retraction. Another priority for quality components is for consumers to buy a quality, durable awning with easy operation and maintenance.

The production of awnings and their possible variants is very diverse. We as a manufacturer will produce according to the sent binding order from our e-shop - transport is free, delivery times are 14 - 30 days depending on the production intensity! Each individual piece is tested continuously for 2 hours before being packed for shipment and transport.

Assembly according to the instructions is not complicated at all, but we can recommend an assembly company that will professionally install it for you in about 1 day.

The BRAVE OUTDOOR s.r.o. team